About Julieta Hill

Are you tired of fast fashion? Do you want to stand out from the masses?

Julieta Hill brings you unique and high-quality fashion that combines comfort and style.

We are a small team from Eastern Europe, dedicated to fashion inspired by city life.

We use only high quality materials to ensure the best level of comfort as well as the best possible designs and styles.

These are clothes made for people that are free-spirited and with a modern, bold mindset. For those who want a refined and elegant look. A celebration to diversity, female sophistication and modern minimalism. Each collection features precise tailoring and outstanding craftsmanship. A brand made for women who value quality and style.

At Julieta Hill we are committed to contemporary, sustainable and long-lasting aesthetics that achieve simplicity with charm. Each piece of clothing is made specifically for you, the moment you place your order with the intention to bring you pure joy and happiness.

Top-end materials

We use high quality materials, which we personally select. Whether it is silk, polyester, recycled cotton or anything in between, the quality of the fabrics is of paramount importance to ensure the quality of the end products. We personally travel to artisan textile makers in order to feel with our hands and test the material that we will use for our designs. We want it to feel good and to last long.

Outstanding craftsmanship

We pride ourselves in our outstanding craftsmanship and precision tailoring. Our designs are executed to high standards that you will not find in the mass-produced fashion world. We produce everything ourselves in our boutique studio where we focus on maintaining high standard and quality of the end product.

Artistic designs

We create timeless designs that will remain a lasting part of your wardrobe. Our designs can be daring or classic, but they always include an element that will set you apart. We challenge the status quo and put our spin on comfort and style.

Sustainable fashion

Julieta Hill is committed to sustainable fashion. Our products are manufactured on demand which helps reduce carbon footprint. Our clothes’ high quality and timeless design means that they will last longer in your wardrobe, unlike mass-produced fast fashion.